4.2 Requests for assistance
HELP - the HCA project needs help tracking down copies of old journal articles, dissertations, etc.  Please visit the "master bibliography/inventory" section of this archive and visit the on-line dataset/reference file.  When viewing the on-line working inventory, manuscripts/references featured in the color red are those we are currently having trouble locating. If you have access to either a paper or e- copy of any of the designated "fugitive" documents, and would be willing to provide them to WMF to copy/scan (we would cover the costs), please contact Dr. Kevin McGrew: k.mcgrew@woodcock-munoz- foundation.org
Specific manuscripts currently being sought are below: This list WILL expand routinely          
Rankin, R. J., & Thompson, K. (1966a). A factorial investigation of scores on the Porteus Maze. Perceptual & Motor Skills, 23, 1255-1260.   (BOUND SCSU) 
Reinert, G., Baltes, P., & Schmidt, L. R. (1965). Faktorenanalytische Untersuchungen zur Differenzierungsphypothese der Intelligenz: Die Leistungsdifferenzierungshypothese. [Factor- analytic investigations of the hypothesis of intelligence differentiations: The hypothesis of differentiation by performance level.] Psychologische Forschung, 28, 246-300.   
Remondino, C. (1962). Recherche sur la signification du facteur numerique. [Research on the signification of the numerical factor.] Revue de psychologie Appliquee, 12, 63-81.              
Reynolds, C. R. (1979). A factor analytic study of the Metropolitan Readiness Test. Contemporary Educational Psychology, 4, 315-317.
Reynolds, C. R. (1980). Differential construct validity of a preschool battery for Blacks, Whites, males, and females. Journal of School Psychology, 18, 112-125.