Applied Psychometrics 101 (AP101) Briefs
Applied Psychometrics 101 Briefs
The following AP101 briefs can be accessed by visiting either IQ's Corner or theICDP blogs and scrolling down the respective side-bars until the above topic header is found.  Then click on the appropriate link and enjoy the content.
  • AP101 Brief #1: g or not to g
  • AP101 Brief #2: IQ test battery descriptive comparison information
  • AP101 Brief #3: How likely is each score in an IQ SEM confidence band likely to represent the person's true IQ? AP101 Brief #3 (supplement to IAP AP101 #5)
  • AP101 Brief # 4: CHC theory and impact on IQ testing brief
  • AP101 Brief #5: The Wechsler-like IQ subtest scaled score metric: The potential for misuse, misinterpretation and impact on critical life decisions
  • AP101 Brief # 6: Understanding score differences on the Wechsler IQ batteries: CHC evolution of the FS IQ's