IQ's Corner
Intelligent Insights on Intelligence Theories and Tests Blog  (aka., IQ's Corner) is blog devoted to sharing contemporary research findings, insights, musings, and discussions regarding theories and applied measures of human intelligence. In other words, a quantoid linear mind trying to make sense of the nonlinear world of human cognitive abilities.
IQ Brain Clock
Tick Tock Talk: The IQ brain clock (aka., The Brain Clock).  A blog that attempts to track the "pulse" of contemporary research and theory regarding the psychology/neuroscience of brain-based mental/interval time keeping. In addition, the relevance of neuroscience research to learning/education will also be covered. A sister blog to IQs Corner.
Intellectual Competence and Death Penalty
Intellectual Competence and the Death Penalty (aka., ICDP).  An attempt to provide understandable and up-to- date information regarding intelligence testing, intelligence theories, personal competence, adaptive behavior and intellectual disability (mental retardation) as they relate to death penalty (capital punishment) issues. A particular focus will be on psychological measurement, statistical and psychometric issues.  A sister blog to IQs Corner.
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