Meet the Director
Dr. Kevin McGrew is the Director of the Institute on Applied Psychometrics. McGrew has 14 years of experience both as a practicing school psychologist and 10 years experience as Professor of Applied Psychology at St. Cloud State University, St. Cloud, Minnesota. 
McGrew is currently a Visiting Professor in Educational Psychology (School Psychology program) at the University of Minnesota.  In addition, Dr. McGrew is half-time Research Director for the Woodcock- Munoz Foundation and Associate Director with Measurement/Learning/Consultants (MLC), Dr. Richard Woodcock's private research and test development company.
McGrew has extensive experience in both clinical  and large-scale assessment and data management and analysis.  Dr. McGrew has published over 100 different journal articles, technical reports, books or book chapters in the areas of applied psychometrics, educational and psychological measurement, intelligence, psychoeducational assessment, personal competence, community adjustment of individuals with disabilities, the use of educational indicators for policy research in special education, and the use of mental- time keeping neurotechnologies to enhance learning and cognitive performance.
McGrew’s experience have included the: (a) directing and completing the calculation of the norms and statistical/psychometric analysis for two editions of the nationally standardizedWoodcock- Johnson Battery (WJ-R & WJ-III), (b) conducting research studies with the nationally representative Scales of Independent Behavior (SIB) and Inventory of Client and Agency Planning (ICAP) norm samples, (c) completion of all norm and psychometric analysis for the Minnesota Braille Skills Inventory (MBSI) and the Braille Assessment Inventory (BAI), and (d) directing the National Center on Educational Outcomes (NCEO) initial efforts to conduct secondary analysis of national databases to produce outcome reports on students with disabilities.
McGrew has also provided consultation, and/or served as an advisory board member, to: (a) test publishers, (b) university research centers (Stanford Research Institute Special Education Elementary Longitudinal Study--SEELS , National Longitudinal Transition Study 2--NLTS-2, and National Study of Alernative Assessment--NSAA studies; University of Minnesota National Center on Educational Outcomes and Institute on Community Integration; University of Arizona National Research Consortium on Testing and Persons with Disabilities in Higher Education; AIR National Center on Student Progress Monitoring) ), and state departments of education.
McGrew is a member of theInteractive Metronome Scientific Advisory Board, a privately held company started in the early 1990s.  IM is a proprietary based neurotechnology developed to help children with learning and developmental disorders as well as to treat adult neuro rehabilitation patients. 
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