Announcement/description of EWOK at IQ's Corner blog.
An EWOK is an web-based, visually-oriented (navigation via visual-graphic MindMaps is the most efficient means to access the information--although, those who prefer a more linear outline form can click on the "Home" and/or "Table of Contents" options in the right hand corner of each map), "Evolving Web of Knowledge" regarding a specific domain of knowledge of interest to IAP.   [Sorry to those who found this site via a Google search in hopes of finding information about the cute furry EWOK's in the Star Wars series.]
The goal of an EWOK is simple:
To provide a centralized up-to-date source information regarding a specific topic that is revised/updated on a semi-regular basis.  In some respects it is like a "wiki" in Wikipedia, but it differs in that it is a closed system......only I (Kevin McGrew)  am in charge of what is posted.  This might change in the future if others indicate an interest in contributing to the growth of this EWOK.
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