Woodcock - Johnson III
WJ III Evolving Web of Knowledge (EWOK)
An EWOK is an web-based, visually-oriented (navigation via visual-graphic MindMaps is the most efficient means to acess the information--although, those who prefer a more linear outline form can click on the "Home" and/oir "Table of Contents" options in the right hand corner of each map), "Evolving Web of Knowledge" regarding a specific domain of knowledge of interest to the Institute for Applied Psychometrics.  [Sorry to those who found this site via a Google search in hopes of finding information about the cute furry EWOK's in the Star Wars series.]
The goal of an EWOK is simple:
  • To provide a centralized up-to-date source information regarding a specific topic that is revised/updated on a semi-regular basis.  In some respects it is like a "wiki" in Wikipedia, but it differs in that it is a closed system......only I (Kevin McGrew)  am in charge of what is posted.  This might change in the future if others indicate an interest in contributing to the growth of this EWOK.
The WJ III EWOK can be found by clicking here.
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