Applied Psychometrics 101 (AP101) Series
Applied Psychometrics 101 (AP101) Reports
The following AP101 reports can be accessed by visiting either IQ's Corner or theICDP blogs and scrolling down the respective side-bars until the above topic header is found.  Then click on the appropriate link and enjoy the content.
  • AP101: # 1 Understanding IQ score differences
  • AP101: #2 What does the WAIS-IV measure?
  • AP101:#3 MDS of the WJ III and CHC model implications
  • APA101:#4 Cluster analysis of WJ III: Theory and test interp implications
  • AP101 #5: Standard error of measurement (SEM): An explanation and facts for "fact finders" in MR/ID death penalty proceedings
  • AP101 #6: Flynn Effect Series-What is the Flynn Effect?
  • AP101 # 7;: Flynn Effect Series: Is the Flynn Effect a Scientifically Accepted Fact?
  • AP101 #8: Flynn Effect Series: Brief History of FE--It was NOT given birth by Atkins SCOTUS decision